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Active Travel Planning Path Network Feasibility & Design

Ironside Farrar offer an experienced multi-disciplinary team with members who have been responsible for the development and delivery of a significant selection of studies, designs, negotiations, consents and construction delivery for Transportation Planning / Active Travel /  Core Paths and Cycle Route projects throughout Scotland.

Our permanent employee professional staff have key skills in the following areas:

  • Strategic Route Design
  • Feasibility Studies / Route Option Planning
  • Consultation / Communication / Design Charrettes
  • Engineering Option Appraisal
  • Route Design, Construction Delivery and Cost Control

Major projects such as the Pentlands to Poprtobello Route, Falkirk HELIX, Beauly Denny OHP Path Network and East Lothian Segregated Active Travel Corridor put feasibility and planning at the centre of a design led process. The practice has developed a reputation for its applied research and best practice guidance associated with green network planning to support sustainable place-making and sustainable communities.

Active Travel Projects include:

  • Pentlands to Portobello Active Travel Route
  • East Ayrshire Blue-Green Network
  • Portobello to Musselburgh Active Travel Link
  • East Lothian Segregated Active Travel Corridor
  • Northern Isles, Orkney Active Travel and Heritage Trails
  • Rhins of Galloway Path Network
  • Helix Cycle Path Network
  • Path Network Implementation for Beauly-Denny 400kV Overhead Line Mitigation
  • Sustrans, Tackling the School Run
  • Irvine Valley Path Network Feasibility Study
  • South Kintyre Core Path Network
  • Lowland Paths Best Practice Guide

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