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Thank you for clicking through to this engagement, your input will be valuable in shaping the design proposals.

This overall investment is called The Avenues Programme due to its underlying aim of creating connected, greener routes across the city centre. Funding comes from Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council and Westminster Government through the Glasgow City Deal arrangements.

Elmbank Street/Elmbank Crescent and Holland Street/Pitt Street are two Avenues within the 17 projects currently being advanced within the city centre.

Currently these are early design images that represent our present thoughts on how we may articulate the public space and enhance the quality of the space along these streets.  Please feel free to explore the plans, images and video flythroughs on this website.

Details and materials have not yet been agreed or fixed, and the designs will be developed using the feedback from this public consultation and from direct discussions with user groups, community councils and other community representatives. Please complete the online questionnaire here.

It is intended that significant areas will have improved surface finishes, using a mixture of Scottish and world-wide stone, alongside the more usual road construction materials.  Other areas will be designed to support green planting, and include surface water controls through small 'rain gardens' that will slow the flow of surface water running off to the Clyde.

The adjustment of the spatial layout will allow continued vehicle movement together with better and more pleasant movement of pedestrians and cyclists, supporting our city's move towards more active and environmentally aware travelling.

For further information on other Avenues projects see Glasgow City Council's own website.

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