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Clyde Walkway Signage Design & Implementation

South Lanarkshire Council / Scottish Natural Heritage

Project Description
Preparation of sign graphics and structures for the completion of the Clyde Walkway Crossford to Mauldslie Section. Signage supports the phased implementation of physical works for the route which were also completed in-house. Clear simple map graphics were developed in line with guidance on best practice and images / copyrights put in place. All graphics were prepared in house following on from an initial stage of option development allowing client selection.

Key Issues
New signage was implemented on a phased basis as sections of the route were completed. Signs have been introduced which provide orientation maps, route interpretation and visitor management information and therefore can stimulate interest for those using the walkway. Clarity of information provided and maximising interest for a range of users were key.

Key Services Provided

  • Site auditing and agreement of key locations
  • Development of graphic design options to create an easily identifiable sign family
  • Circulation for approval to funding partners
  • Outline costings of sign elements
  • Recommendation on suppliers

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orientation sign

orientation sign map