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Dundee City Centre Signs Design & Implementation

Scottish Enterprise / Dundee City Council

Project Description
Award winning visitor signage project for the City Centre of Dundee. A system of over 50 signs were developed to provide details of places/ attractions/ facilities to visit and directions on how to get there as a final part of the regeneration of Dundee City Centre. The sign family was developed to comprise 6 types. The sign content and design was developed to allow continued consultation with and support of all stakeholders and key user groups.

Key Issues
The signage system links key visitor arrival points Bus Station/ Railway Station/ Car Parks with destinations such as shopping areas, TIC and visitor attractions/ facilities. Interpretative information was included to enhance visitor perception of the city and to encourage further exploration. Cognitive maps were developed for use on directional signs with city centre and city wide maps provided on key information/ orientation points.

Services Provided
Development of design proposals for the signage system including graphic design/ information content/ colour palette identification and research & development of all text. Additionally works included production of tender drawings, specification, performance specification, bill of quantities, cost estimates and the provision of a maintenance and management manual and condition report following the first 12 month installation period

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Dundee Orientation Point

Dundee Interpretation Sign