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East Ayrshire Council - State of the Environment Report

East Ayrshire Council appointed Ironside Farrar to produce a State of the Environment Report. The intent of the State of the Environment (SOE) report is to capture and present, in as accurate and useful a format as practicable, key information on the state of the environment across a number of topic areas for East Ayrshire. The SOE report looks at current environmental status and how current activity has shaped this status and trend and looks at the key drivers and pressures to change.

The State of the Environment Report will facilitate and enable:

  • increased awareness, among decision-makers and the public, of the status and implications of the condition of the environment in East Ayrshire and pressures on it from both past activity and potential future development.
  • informed actions to issues that have arisen from the demise of major minerals companies in East Ayrshire and how lessons learned can steer environmental management decisions that lead to more sustainable use and effective conservation of environmental assets.



For more information please contact: Kim McLaren click here to email Kim

EAC - State of Environment Report