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Footdee Harbour Public Realm Design

Aberdeen Harbour Board

Project Description
Public Realm Improvements to the historic harbour of Footdee, Aberdeen. The site is the only publicly accessible waterfront at Aberdeen Harbour and has developed into a popular spot to watch ships enter and depart from the Harbour. The site is located within a Conservation Area and required a pallet of suitable materials to be developed in line with guidance from the Footdee conservation area design guide to enhance this sensitive historic setting. The use of Granite throughout reflects the local vernacular with detailed slabbed areas replicating details in local buildings. Inlaid stainless steel lettering has been used to maximise interpretation and highlight the rich cultural heritage of the harbour and Footdee.

Key Issues
The study area is popular with people who park and sit in their cars watching the ships enter and leave the Harbour, the design of the new waterfront barrier had to accommodate this requirement whilst providing a safe barrier at the water's edge. Other key issues that were addressed through the design included the poor quality and perceptions of the Footdee area, night time antisocial behaviour and the poor quality setting of a number of memorials.


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