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the Helix Park, Falkirk Design & Delivery

Falkirk Council / Scottish Canals / CSFT

Project Description
The Helix is a project based on a new and radical intent to transform a place and create an agenda for transformational change for the communities of Falkirk and Grangemouth.

The project defined a new 'community and place-making' initiative providing a driver for economic, social and environmental change and was developed for submission to The Big Lottery Living Landmarks programme. The successful award of £25,000,000 was testimony to the vision established through community engagement and the strength of the design.

The design was bold. It set clear objectives and embraced a holistic vision for change. It sought transformation and introduced bold interventions (Park / Lagoon / Kelpies / Green Networks) and developed a community programme unprecedented in Scotland. Engagement with local communities and stakeholders placed people at the core of decision, connecting communities with design and designers and working to facilitate a new sense of participation, momentum and ownership were achieved.

The Helix Park design was based on building sustainable networks and quality places and spaces. Core zones each developed ambitious proposals including:

Helix Park

  • A 200m diameter boating and watersports lagoon with a volume of 50,000m³
  • Major new waterside public realm, kiosks and service buildings
  • Public event arena with serviced external stage and iconic lighting facilitating major community-driven events
  • Themed play areas and wet play facilities
  • Bold, contemporary planting with a focus on native species, sustainable maintenance and community education interest
  • Access and servicing infrastructure including access roads, car parking, adopted footways, cycleways and integrated sustainable urban drainage systems
  • Cycle link provision
  • A gateway to the new section of canal providing links west

Green Network

  • 300ha of Green Network
  • 50 ha of new Central Helix Park greenspace
  • 37 km of new connected cycleway and footpath links
  • Public transport interchange / cycleways connections / Carron River Walks / Canal Towpaths

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the Helix Park Design Aerial View
the Helix Park Design Aerial View. Image courtesy of Alan Corrie
the Helix Park, Falkirk. Vision
the Helix Park, Falkirk. Plaza
the Helix Park, Falkirk. Lagoon.
the Helix Park, Falkirk. Tree Planting.
the Helix Park, Falkirk. Boardwalk
the Helix Park, Falkirk. Plaza Seating
the Helix Park Falkirk. Play Area