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Residential Landscape Design

Landscape design consultancy with a focus on urban design, place regeneration and building sustainable places for people whilst applying new and innovative approaches to greenspace.

Award winning and innovative our services are embedded with the added values of: quality of design; commitment to engagement and consultation; innovative fresh thinking and delivering long term, sustainable and workable solutions.

Major Residential Design Projects include:-

  • Westburn Lane, St Andrews
  • Lochend Urban Eden, Edinburgh
  • The Primary, Craigmillar
  • Yours Whitecross Landscape Strategy
  • Pinkie Mains, Musselburgh
  • Edinburgh Zoo Housing
  • Restalrig, Kirkliston and Portobello Urban Villages
  • Calendonia Area Home Zones, Edinburgh

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Craigmillar Residential Landscape Masterplan
Craigmillar Residential Landscape Masterplan
Whitecross SIRR - Residential Landscape
Edinburgh Zoo Housing Plan
Gowkthrapple Residential Landscape Plan
Whitescross Residential Streetscape
Lochend Urban Eden Housing Landscape Masterplan
Westburn Lane, St Andrews
Lochend Urban Eden, Edinburgh