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Steph May Roberts

BSc(Hons), MSc, MSc, GIEMA

Environmental Planner


Steph is a Consultant within Ironside Farrar’s Development and Environment Team responsible for contributing to a range of integrated environmental services with specialists for the purposes of achieving business and environmental goals.

Steph applies a robust but proportionate approach to projects to ensure an appropriate level of environmental assessment to secure consents.

Steph’s experience draws from working as a soil research scientist, including project design and management including developing strong relationships with sector sponsor in order to secure and maintain funding for the duration of the project. Steph is routinely involved with reviewing desk studies, interpreting reports defining environmental constraints and recommendations. Steph’s experience is broad based and has an established understanding of key stages from constraints and opportunities mapping, through to detailed assessment of specialist topic areas for a range of project types, which includes: residential and bespoke developments.