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University of Edinburgh Signs Design & Strategy

University of Edinburgh

Project Description
Preparation of a Signage Strategy for the University of Edinburgh’s central area campus, located within the prestigious World Heritage Site. Key aspirations were to improve pedestrian access within the University’s central campus, and create a stronger sense of university identity. Following auditing works, the existing signage was found to be of relatively poor quality, often poorly located and inaccessible for many site users due to font styles, sizes and mounting heights. An improved system was required to tie in the graphics style used on the university’s website and provide an overall consistency of system taking into account the needs for accessibility and improved area identity.

Key Issues
New signage was to be implemented over a phased basis by a range of parties including the University’s in-house sign writers, and external signage manufacturers. The central campus is located in a high profile area and quality of the environment and preventing additional clutter were priority. New signs had to improve accessibility for a range of users.

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University of Edinburgh Orientation Sign