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the Helix, Falkirk Regeneration

The Helix is a project based on a new and radical intent to transform a place and create an agenda for transformational change for the communities of Falkirk and Grangemouth.

The project defined a new 'community and place-making' initiative providing a driver for economic, social and environmental change and was developed for submission to The Big Lottery Living Landmarks programme. The successful award of £25,000,000 was testimony to the vision established through community engagement and the strength of the design.

The Helix project was born to re-connect two proud, distinct communities; the vision offered opportunity to meet a deficit in greenspace/green network needs and the capacity to form a new icon for Falkirk/Grangemouth. The HELIX form reflected these 'connecting links' and became an agenda for building capacity from one generation to another; from one site and space and delivered tangible elements in paths, open space, play, recreation, arts, sciences and life-skills. The Helix has its inspiration and roots in the needs of local communities.

The Helix has transformed an urban fringe landscape from under-utilised asset into a new gateway location. The main component parts of the project are woodland and forestry planting, the creation of barrier free pathways, waterbodies, flood mitigation, SUDS, nature zones and visitor and enterprise attractions and destinations. Ironside Farrar has provided full Landscape Architecture Masterplanning Services including environmental and planning services, EIA, SEA and Appropriate Assessment.

Our work on the Helix included:

  • Developing within the HELIX Project the strategy and Landscape Masterplan
  • Preparing and successfully securing the Round 1 funding
  • Design Development to advance the Concept to Detailed Masterplan (Round 2)
  • Securing Round 2 Funding and submitting a National Award Winning Bid
  • Developing the Consultation / Engagement protocol for consultation with statutory consultees and engagement with local stakeholders and the wider community
  • Organising and facilitating Community Engagement through Café Helix, an innovative ongoing approach to community participation and involvement
  • Setting up Design Reference Groups e.g. Paths, Environment, Youth Groups, Design
  • Detailed Landscape Design and Landscape Management proposals for: Kelpies / Canal Hub and Canal Extension, Central Park, Access Road, Allotments, Pathways, Other Public Art

For more information on the Helix please contact: Julian Farrar click here to email Julian

the Helix Park Design Aerial View
the Helix Park Design Aerial View. Image courtesy of Alan Corrie
the Helix Park, Falkirk. Vision
the Helix Park, Falkirk. Plaza
the Helix Park, Falkirk. Lagoon.
the Helix Park, Falkirk. Tree Planting.
the Helix Park, Falkirk. Boardwalk
the Helix Park, Falkirk. Plaza Seating
the Helix Park Falkirk. Play Area
the Helix Park, the Kelpies Hub Plaza
the Helix. the Kelpies Hub Plan View. Image courtesy of Alan Corrie
the Helix. the Kelpies  Hub Landscape. Image courtesy of Alan Corrie
the Helix. the Kelpies Hub. Inlaid text.
the Helix. the Kelpies Hub. Viewing Area.
the Helix. the Kelpies Plaza